New pieces : Bear, Lioness, Dog, Mammoth, Glider.



This is a Show Room for our Next Released Pieces.
A total of 20 New Pieces will be available in 2018 and beginning 2019.

  1. Guy Fuhrman says:

    When will start to sale mew pieces? I would like to buy them.

  2. Lewis says:

    Any idea when these will be available? Love the mammoth!

  3. C Norfolk says:

    Any updates on when the new pieces will be available? They look great!

  4. Haddad says:

    Probably end 2019.

    Working on it very hard

  5. Nice work Zied. Hope to see a Camel and a Lion one day. A Bull too. You create nice pieces for chess variants inventor. It would be nice to find them individually because sometimes 1 is needed per side, sometimes 2.

  6. Eleftherios says:

    Hello can somoene contact with us?
    we need your products for import in Greece

  7. Guy Fuhrman says:

    I would like to order some new variants. Still do have some? Let me know! Thanks!

    Your Musketeer Chess,


  8. No says:

    i just wanna get notified

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