New pieces : Bear, Lioness, Dog, Mammoth, Glider, Lion, Tiger, Camel, Dragon, Spider, Griffin, Dog, Wolf, Rhinoceros, Wildebeest, Zebra, Warrior, Citadel, Emperor, NEXT GENERATION Pawns.

This is a Show Room for our Latest Pieces.
You were all waiting for them since the last couple years. They are finally available. A total of 20 New Pieces that are Staunton Compatible. There are also the Next Generation Pawns Chess Sets combining a ClassicScholastic Chess Set and 16 Next Generation Pawns to be used as alternate design for the Classic Pawns, create and Play Chess Variants or use them with the proposed new rules. Find them here:


  1. Guy Fuhrman says:

    When will start to sale mew pieces? I would like to buy them.

  2. Lewis says:

    Any idea when these will be available? Love the mammoth!

  3. C Norfolk says:

    Any updates on when the new pieces will be available? They look great!

  4. Haddad says:

    Probably end 2019.

    Working on it very hard

  5. Nice work Zied. Hope to see a Camel and a Lion one day. A Bull too. You create nice pieces for chess variants inventor. It would be nice to find them individually because sometimes 1 is needed per side, sometimes 2.

  6. Eleftherios says:

    Hello can somoene contact with us?
    we need your products for import in Greece

  7. Guy Fuhrman says:

    I would like to order some new variants. Still do have some? Let me know! Thanks!

    Your Musketeer Chess,


  8. No says:

    i just wanna get notified

  9. Rami Davis says:

    When are these being released?

  10. Mathness says:

    Hello Musketeer Chess Team,

    I would really love to play irl with your variant pieces, but they seem quite hard to get in France.

    Any chance you would renew your products stock on the French Amazon? Can’t guarantee you will have an amazing return on invest, but I will be very glad to buy them quiclky ๐Ÿ˜€

    Thanks for your attention to my message, and I hope you are still doing such awesome job <3

  11. Hi, selling on Amazon is no longer an option for me. They just drain me dry. Selling for 12 euros i barely have 3.8 euros back because i pay for amazon prime delivery etc not to mention people who just destroy your product and claim refund because Amazon policy authorizes them. Ad i also pay for these people.
    So Amazon, it’s finished. I still have a small stock when this stock will vanish i’m good.

    If anyone wants to buy something they should deal with me directly, they should pay for delivery also. Naturaly the price of the kits will cheaper than when sold on amazon.

    I will try to make an online shopping page on my website.

    The new kits are already available. But i must assume that i don’t have time for the moment to open them, take pictures etc. I’ll do what is necessary to promote these products properly and sell them. I don’t need to gain any money, but i at least need to have 80% of the development cost back.
    There is a new server coming for chess variants. Check the following link and report bugs.


    • Chris N says:

      Hi Zeid,

      How to contact you directly, not through this page here?

      If the newer pieces are available, dragon, bear, guard, etc. could I buy them directly from you? Don’t blame you at all for not wanting to go through Amazon.

      Chris (redrodent)

  12. Michael Mcginnity says:

    I would like to buy all the variant kit chess pieces; the six kits available, plus the other pieces that are not. Please let me know if there’s, at the very least, some sort of deal with buying the six kits available, and/or if there’s a way to buy the other kits. Let me know by Wednesday if possible.
    Thank you.


    Does the image show Staunton compatible design? Please share the link to the shop.

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