New pieces : Bear, Lioness, Dog, Mammoth, Glider.



This is a Show Room for our Next Released Pieces.
A total of 20 New Pieces will be available in 2018 and beginning 2019.

  1. Guy Fuhrman says:

    When will start to sale mew pieces? I would like to buy them.

  2. Lewis says:

    Any idea when these will be available? Love the mammoth!

  3. C Norfolk says:

    Any updates on when the new pieces will be available? They look great!

  4. Haddad says:

    Probably end 2019.

    Working on it very hard

  5. Nice work Zied. Hope to see a Camel and a Lion one day. A Bull too. You create nice pieces for chess variants inventor. It would be nice to find them individually because sometimes 1 is needed per side, sometimes 2.

  6. Eleftherios says:

    Hello can somoene contact with us?
    we need your products for import in Greece

  7. Guy Fuhrman says:

    I would like to order some new variants. Still do have some? Let me know! Thanks!

    Your Musketeer Chess,


  8. No says:

    i just wanna get notified

  9. Rami Davis says:

    When are these being released?

  10. Mathness says:

    Hello Musketeer Chess Team,

    I would really love to play irl with your variant pieces, but they seem quite hard to get in France.

    Any chance you would renew your products stock on the French Amazon? Can’t guarantee you will have an amazing return on invest, but I will be very glad to buy them quiclky 😀

    Thanks for your attention to my message, and I hope you are still doing such awesome job <3

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