Special thanks

Special thanks to:

My family who always supported me. You are the light of my life. Without you i cannot imagine what i can become. You always inspire me, help me work hard. I love you.

Frank A Camaratta, founder of the House of Staunton, without your help none of these projects could have been possible. Always advising, argumenting. A few words describe you: creativity, intelligence, knowledge, friendly.

Shawn Sullivan, House of Staunton manager: The best ever in your job. The first who accepted in helping me making my pieces commercial. A few words to describe you: Cleverness without equal, a workaholic.

Our indian Partner who manufactures the pieces. Helping to steer in the right direction, you are the best and diserve the best. Your tireless efforts to improve our products is of tremendous help. The whole team diserve our gratitude.

Jérôme Choain: Engineer, co-developer of JOCLY.
A few words: Let me just choose my words, tremendous qualities among them Cleverness, inventiveness, artistic touch, a real pleasure to work with you.

Michel Gutierrez: He’s the inventor and main developer of JOCLY. He kindly accepted i cooperate with Jérôme and continue to develop JOCLY. There is still much to do (including bug fixing a few features, making the server quicker etc.). Thanks for inventing JOCLY.

Oleg Raikis: Meeting you is a true inspiration. Your ideas concerning some details in the development and carving of pieces where very instructive.<
Hope you pursue your outstanding work as a Carver of Mammoth ivory, and sculpture. Your work is a piece of Art. When we touch the pieces it’s like contemplating a Diamond: too much emotion. Your Flowers Chess Set is probably the most beautiful Chess Set i ever saw and touched.

Jean Louis Cazaux: A special thank to JL Cazaux ( http://history.chess.free.fr/ ). He is certainly one of the most renowned persons concerning chess history. He is also lesser known as a Chess Variant inventor (Metamachy, Gigachess). He’s always of great help, with wise point of view concerning every point (Fairy Chess Pieces, Evolution of chess through history etc.). He is also a book writer.

All of you who support Musketeer Chess team: You are the reason we are passionate about our work. We try to do our best to give you the best games, the best products, and keep your flame loving the greatest game ever invented, Chess and Musketeer Chess.