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French and European enthusiasts, we’re crafting exclusive offers just for you! Please reach out via email to unlock the best deals. Our digital storefront is on the horizon, preparing to welcome you soon.

Pour les pays francophones et européens, merci d’envoyer un email pour avoir les meilleures options tarifaires y compris pour les frais de livraisons.

Leopard and Cannon Pieces

Leopard and Cannon Kit

Chancellor and Archbishop PiecesArchbishop and Chancellor (or Fischer-Karpov Kit)

_wsb_500x303_Elephant+$26+Hawk+Commercial Elephant and Hawk (also known as Seirawan-Chess Kit)

_wsb_500x332_unicorn_and_fortress_1 Fortress and Unicorn Kit

_wsb_500x332_spider_and_dragonDragon and Spider Kit

These kits can also be available in ivory and black.

Exciting news, the much anticipated Musketeer Chess Pieces Series II are now available. You can purchase them at the “Chess Shop of North Carolina”.

For European customers get in touch by email for the best possible deals.

Musketeer Chess PIeces, Series II

Musketeer Chess Pieces, Series II

Musketeer Chess Pieces, Series II, The Black Pieces

Musketeer Chess Pieces, Series II, White pieces: Griffin Lioness Glider Bombarde Zebra Bear Buzzard Dog Lion Wildebeest Musketeer Chess Pieces, Series II, The remaining 10 White Pieces : Wizard, Spider, Mammoth, Rhinoceros, Dragon, Warrior, Citadel, Camel, Dog, Emperor

Say hello to the Next Generation Pawns: our fresh spin on the traditional pieces comes with 7 distinct, cool designs.

Dive into our collection of 7 unique designs, each bursting with personality!

Get creative and make them your own by selecting from two trendy color schemes—chic Ivory & Black or the timeless Natural & Black.

Plus, express your style further with two cool head designs: the sleek Double-axes or the edgy Four-axes. It’s all about making your set uniquely yours!