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Silver Color Chess Puzzle Set

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Musketeer Chess Leopard and Cannon Kit

Chancellor+$26+Archbishop+Commercial Musketeer Chess Archbishop and Chancellor Kit (Camaratta or Fischer-Karpov Kit)

_wsb_500x303_Elephant+$26+Hawk+Commercial Musketeer Chess Elephant and Hawk Kit (Sharper Kit)

_wsb_500x332_unicorn_and_fortress_1 Musketeer Chess Fortress and Unicorn Kit

_wsb_500x332_spider_and_dragon Musketeer Chess Dragon and Spider Kit

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Musketeer Ches Pieces Evolution Series2, 10 more pieces

Musketeer Chess Pieces Series2, All the Bla Pieces

Musketeer Chess Pieces Evolution, Series2, 10 Ivory PIeces

The Next Generations Pawns are also available.

Not yet referenced, ask for them directly. There are 7 different designs and for each design there are 2 colour options (ivory or natural and black) and 2 Head designs (Double axes or 4 axes).

For other customers worldwide especially in European countries, please contact us directly and specify your needs.