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New pieces : Bear, Lioness, Dog, Mammoth, Glider.

    This is a Show Room for our Next Released Pieces. A total of 20 New Pieces will be available in 2018 and beginning 2019.

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Game 07 – (Archbishop and Unicorn) – Musketeer Chess

Good example of some “Blitz” attacks using the Leaping pieces in Musketeer Chess. At a certain point white wasn’t too precise when playing but overall it’s a good game. Special note for the Capture of the Bishop c8. Black’s Archbishop […]

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Game 06 – (Hawk and Unicorn) – Musketeer Chess

White spoiled a good position. Here we see the incredible strength of the Hawk with his forking abilities . It’s also ideal to a mating attack with the Bishop against the fianchetto ! Enjoy ! A nice win for Black. […]

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Game 05 – (Leopard and Elephant) – Musketeer Chess

Even after gaining a good strategical position, there are so many tactical possibilities that you can loose your north easily. Stay focused all the game and don’t forget “simple tactics (pins)”. White was better, then got worse (probably losing). Black […]

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Game 04 – (Chancellor and Archbishop) – Musketeer Chess

Building a slow attack, then breaking through black’s position with a good Chancellor Queen cooperation. The win is matter of technique !

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Game 03 – (Dragon and Fortress) – Musketeer Chess

Even with a winning material advantage, never drop your concentration or you will lose

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Game 02 – (Hawk and Unicorn) – Musketeer Chess

Even down a Queen you can win

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