Board painter

We made an online “Board painter” for our needs and we thought it might be interesting to share it.

  Great news, the code of this tool is now open source and you can get it on GitHub.

It is used to make boards or moves illustrations such as :


There is another instance of Board Painter available here inspired by Omega Chess

User manual

A lot of settings are available to change the board configuration and items’ colours :

  • Zoom : display zoom of the board preview
  • Board setup : cols x rows
  • Save : choose file name to save current settings on your computer
  • Load : load settings from your computer
  • Board image : file name of the board image to be saved (PNG file)
  • Save : save image
  • Clear : you can clear all, or just pieces, moves or arrows
  • Current brush : displays the current brush. Change it by clicking on an item (move/piece/arrow)
  • Board colour : choose the 2 colours of the board+ border (background and text)
  • Moves : brush patterns for moves layer
  • Arrows : brush pattern for arrows + colour options (fill and borders)
  • Pieces : brush patterns for pieces. Links “all”, “white” and “blacks” are filters.

Tricks :

  • Click on a square to replace pattern, or erase it if same as brush
  • Shift+Click : fills a line with current pattern (horizontal, vertical or diagonal)
  • Ctrl+Click : paints current pattern + same pattern at symetric position (for instance to place 2 knights at their start position with one single click)