Shako Chess

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Rules for Shako Chess

Shako has been invented by Jean-Louis Cazaux

Site: Odyssey of Chess.

Shako is a chess variant played on a 10x10 board.

Each player commands 22 pieces which are the standard set with two more pieces, Cannons and Elephants.

The Cannon

When not capturing, it moves just like the Rook. But to capture a piece, there must be one additional piece in its path which the Cannon jumps over before landing on the piece being captured. This intervening piece may belong to either player. The cannon may not jump over more than one piece to make its capture, and may not jump over pieces when not capturing.

The Elephant

The Elephant steps diagonally one or two squares, leaping over the intermediate square if it is occupied.

All other pieces move like in orthodox chess; also castling is as in usual chess. Pawns promote on the tenth row of the board to Queen, Rook, Knight, Bishop, Elephant, or Cannon, to the owning players choice.

Other rules are as in orthodox chess. White starts to play.


Each player commands 22 pieces.

Initial setup

Cheat sheet