Seirawan Chess

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Rules for Seirawan Chess

The initial position is that of standard chess. Each side has additionally two pieces in hand (a hawk and an elephant).

The elephant and the hawk are introduced to the game in the following way: whenever the player moves a piece (king, queen, knight, bishop or rook) from its starting position (that hasn't already been moved), one of the pieces in hand may be placed immediately on the square just vacated. One cannot use the placing of an elephant or hawk to block check. If the player moves all his pieces from the first rank without placing one or both in hand pieces, he forfeits the right to do so. After castling, the player may put one of the pieces in hand on either the king's or the rook's square, but he may not place both pieces in hand in the same turn. Pawns may promote to a hawk or an elephant in this game (in addition to the normal chess pieces).

Source : Wikipedia


The elephant, moves as a rook or a knight.

PGN Notation : E

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The hawk, moves as a bishop or a knight.

PGN Notation : H

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