Checkmate Chess, Line Chess, Rock Paper Scissors Chess, Numeral Chess

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Checkmate Chess, Line Chess, Rock Paper Scissors Chess, Numeral Chess

Post by eric_funcreation » Mon Nov 28, 2022 2:35 am

Hello everyone, I'd like to introduce some of our new interesting games:

Checkmate Chess


Checkmate Chess resolves around the players’ ability to checkmate the opposing “Commander,” who is hiding safely in his castle and heavily protected by the “Elephants” and especially the “Guards,” who can slide and capture any pace as long as it stays inside the fortress. The “Elephant” does not get blocked like the “Horse,” but it is a defensive piece and thus cannot cross the river.

The blue horizontal space across the center of the board represents the river, separating the two territories/zones. “Elephants” are not allowed to cross the river, whereas “Soldiers” promote (can move and capture 1-step diagonally) once they cross it.

The boxes marked at the top and bottom of the board are the Commanders’ castles. Each Commander and his Guards may not leave their castle.

Checkmate Chess can be seen as a variant derives from Chinese Chess (Xiangqi), it focuses on the fortifying and strengthening of the defenses as the “Soldiers” can move and capture horizontally from the start. However, since the “Commanders” stay still, it is easier to sneak, counterattack and checkmate them.

Learn more: Checkmate Chess

Line Chess


Line Chess is played on a rectangular board of 50 positions in diagonal formation. In this game, every pieces move along the board lines, but capture in different ways. The main objective is to capture the opponent’s Commander. It’s also a win to stalemate your opponent.

Each side has two moves per turn: a non-capture then a “capturable.” Red starts the game with a capturable move. Then Black makes two moves, then Red makes two moves, the game continues as such until the end. In a two-move turn, the first move is non-capturable while the second move is capturable.

Within a turn, the Commanders are the only pieces allowed to move twice. All other pieces may only be moved once, either in the first or the second move.

This game promotes deep calculation and it’s fun if you like the “shootout from distance” aspect in chess. The end game is especially fun because of the combination of the checkmating in Chinese Chess and the promotion in FIDE Chess.

Learn more: Line Chess

Numeral Chess


Numeral Chess requires sharp eyes and promotes deep strategical calculation similar to Go (Wei Qi). There are 9 “Ones” (the lowest value pieces) and only 1 “Nine” (the highest value piece), the player will pick and choose in order to gain advantage.

Each piece can move and capture vertically, horizontally or diagonally based on their number, for example; piece “7” can move and capture 7 paces from its original position. The objective is to checkmate the opponent’s “0” by attacking it so that it has no safe positions to move to.

Learn more: Numeral Chess

Rock Paper Scissors Chess


Rock Paper Scissors Chess is a fun, simple yet challenging game where the main goal is to checkmate the opponent’s Commander by attacking it so that it has no safe positions to move to.

The game is based on the popular Rock Paper Scissors game where the Rock/Hammer eats the Scissors, the Scissors eat the Paper, and the Paper eats the Rock/Hammer…

Learn more: Rock Paper Scissors Chess

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Re: Checkmate Chess, Line Chess, Rock Paper Scissors Chess, Numeral Chess

Post by musketeerchess » Thu Apr 06, 2023 10:22 am

Very late answer.

Looks like a very interesting game. I'll take a close look at it.

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