My first real Musketeer Chess game

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My first real Musketeer Chess game

Post by TomD » Fri Mar 05, 2021 2:21 pm

This post was originally an email I sent to Dr. Haddad several months ago.

Our family decided to eat at an open air venue, and since the tables are large I brought a chess set and board. I also brought my 8 year old granddaughter's two favorite Musketeer pieces, the Leopard and Unicorn. As soon as we were seated we set up and started to play. I did not play to win, I will admit that I did some coaching. Here are a few Musketeer highlights.

My granddaughter gated her Musketeer pieces behind her bishops, while I gated behind the knights. We both forgot to place a Musketeer piece on the board after we had moved the piece opening the gate, but it was an informal game. We didn't record moves.

At one point I mentioned that we could engage in a Unicorn trade via the Long Knight aka Camel move - both Unicorns were protected by pawns. My granddaughter thought about it, and she then said "OK" and went for it! No sentimentality whatsoever! So the Unicorns left early.

At some point around the end of the middle game I lost my Leopard. Also around this time she was very surprised to see me pin her Leopard against the King by placing my Queen on the very next square in the same file, since the Leopard for all its power can't move directly ahead to take (much like a Bishop or Knight).

The end of the game was interesting. She sacrificed her Queen and Leopard in a series of checks to take my Queen and remaining Rook. The objective here was not only the trades themselves but also the fact that they drew my King too far aside to stop a Queen promotion. She promoted, the food arrived, and I then resigned.

My granddaughter later said she really enjoyed the game, even more than standard chess, and she found it surprisingly relaxing. She is now a fan.

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Re: My first real Musketeer Chess game

Post by red-rodent » Thu Jun 03, 2021 2:44 pm

That's great Tom, I've found a couple of friends who have really taken to the game as well. It has been a nice equaliser of outcomes and leads to far more unexpected turns of events (no pun intended). Less stereotyped moves, very sudden checkmates at times, even without the overpowered Amazon/Dragon piece.

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Re: My first real Musketeer Chess game

Post by musketeerchess » Mon Jul 26, 2021 8:06 pm

Have you seen the new musketeer chess pieces?

You can check them here:

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