[restored topic] Endgames with Leopard

Each player will play with the usual 16 chess pieces + 2 new pieces, the new pieces are identical for both players. The choice of the new pieces is an agreement: white chooses the first piece and then black chooses the second piece.
There are 10 musketeer pieces: Leopard, Hawk, Chancellor, Archbishop, Elephant, Unicorn, Cannon, Dragon, Fortress and Spider.
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[restored topic] Endgames with Leopard

Post by musketeerchess » Mon Sep 17, 2018 9:24 am

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The principle is the same for Leopard and Archbishop (Leopard is a Limited Archbishop, with the Bishop movements limited to one or two squares)

We begin from the following position:

KLe vs K.png

The maneuvering is "simple", cut off the Board for the opponent king and block it on the 1st file.
1.Kf1 Lf5 2. Ke1 Lg7 3. Kd2 Le5 4. Ke3 Kd6 5. Ke4 Ke6 6. Ke3 Kd5 7. Kd2 Lf4+ 8. Ke1 Ke5 9. Kd1 Le3+ 10. Ke2 Ke4
KLe vs K image2.png
KLe vs K image2.png (41.2 KiB) Viewed 8622 times
Then, follow the mate in the corner !

11. Ke1 Lc4 12. Kf1 Kf3 13. Ke1 Lb3
KLe vs K image3.png
KLe vs K image3.png (49.49 KiB) Viewed 8622 times
The white King is now stuck on the 1st file and the Leopard will push it in the corner and then mate.
KLe vs K image4.png
KLe vs K image4.png (41.02 KiB) Viewed 8622 times

14. Kf1 Lc2 15. Kg1 Kg3 16. Kf1 Ld3+ 17. Kg1 Kh3 18. Kh1 Lf2 mate
KLe vs K image5.png
KLe vs K image5.png (40.43 KiB) Viewed 8622 times

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