[restored topic] Mating in endgames with the Unicorn

Each player will play with the usual 16 chess pieces + 2 new pieces, the new pieces are identical for both players. The choice of the new pieces is an agreement: white chooses the first piece and then black chooses the second piece.
There are 10 musketeer pieces: Leopard, Hawk, Chancellor, Archbishop, Elephant, Unicorn, Cannon, Dragon, Fortress and Spider.
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[restored topic] Mating in endgames with the Unicorn

Post by musketeerchess » Mon Sep 17, 2018 9:23 am

[real post date : Sun Aug 19, 2018 9:41 am]

When you play an endgame with Unicorn + King vs King, it's in general a draw because the King and Unicorn cannot force the opponent king to go to a corner, sole place where the Unicorn can mate.

KU vs K corner mate.png

The advise when you are a Unicorn up, don't trade your pawns !! (it's the same advise when you are a Knight up).

When you play and ending King + 2 Knights vs King, the ending is in general a draw. With a Unicorn and knight, you can force the mate.

Black plays starting from the following position. Here is the technique:

KUN vs K.png

1...Kc7 2. Kf3 Kc6 3. Ke4 Kd6 4. Nh6 Kc5 5. Ud2+ Kd6
You cut off the road to the Black King

KUN vs K image2.png

Now begins maneuvering with the Knight and the Unicorn. The main principle is: The Knight reduces the field of the Black king on one side, and the Unicorn does the same on the other side !

6. Nf5+ Kd7 7. Kd5 Kc7 8. Uc4!

KUN vs K image3.png

An important position

KUN vs K image5.png

8...Kc8 9. Kd6 Kd8

KUN vs K image4.png

10. Ub7+ Kc8 11. Kc6 Kb8

KUN vs K image6.png

12. Uc5+ Ka8 13. Nd6 Typical mating position ! Beware of stalemate !

KUN vs K image7.png

13...Ka7 14. Nc8+ Ka8 15. Ud7 mate

KUN vs K image8.png

KUN vs K mate.png

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