Musketeer Chess, How to Play

Each player will play with the usual 16 chess pieces + 2 new pieces, the new pieces are identical for both players. The choice of the new pieces is an agreement: white chooses the first piece and then black chooses the second piece.
There are 10 musketeer pieces: Leopard, Hawk, Chancellor, Archbishop, Elephant, Unicorn, Cannon, Dragon, Fortress and Spider.
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Musketeer Chess, How to Play

Post by musketeerchess » Sat Sep 15, 2018 7:17 pm

White & Black battle using a classic chess set. We add 2 new pieces.
First white chooses from 10 possible pieces (Unicorn, Hawk, Leopard, Cannon, Archibishop, Chancellor, Fortress, Dragon, Spider, Elephant).
See the rules for those pieces here: ... -short.php

Then it's Blacks turn to choose among the remaining 9 pieces.
First he must pick-up the same piece than the one chosen by White (if he agrees), after that it's his turn to choose the second piece (and white has no other choice than to accept this combination).

Black is the only one that has the right to refuse white's choice of the first piece. In this case, a default combination is chosen. This default combination is currently Leopard & Cannon. But the Tournament Director can change this default combination to any possible combination.

Now the game can begin: The first moves determine the squares where the new pieces will enter the game. Then the game begins.

You'll see that Musketeer Chess resembles to Chess, but with more tactics, new strategies and much much more.
A modern game, with less draws, more spectacle, less opening learning etc. Ideal to make the Chess game retrieve his place as the "King of Games".

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