The birth of Musketeer Titans

Each player will play with the usual 16 chess pieces + 2 new pieces, the new pieces are identical for both players. The choice of the new pieces is an agreement: white chooses the first piece and then black chooses the second piece.
There are 10 musketeer pieces: Leopard, Hawk, Chancellor, Archbishop, Elephant, Unicorn, Cannon, Dragon, Fortress and Spider.
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The birth of Musketeer Titans

Post by musketeerchess » Mon Jun 29, 2020 11:51 pm

In the Greek Mythology, the Titans were gods that ruled the world.
The first Titans were a number of 12.

In Musketeer Chess, there are 10 "Titans", and there are 2 missing Titans.

Which pieces can represent the remaining two Titans better than the Knight and the Bishop.

So we have now our 12 Titans: Knight, Bishop, Leopard, Cannon, Hawk, Elephant, Archbishop, Chancellor, Spider, Amazone, Fortress and Unicorn.

Just imagine a Musketeer Chess game, where instead of chosing from the modern "Fairy" pieces, we chose to play with one or more Bishops, Knights or Both of the Chess Titans. The game will be for sure familiar for all of us without need to learn any new rules for any new piece. The additional pieces will multiply the attacking chances, lead to more assymetric and unbalanced positions. It's definitely a fantastic and easy way to change the dynamics of the game without altering it's basics.

One of the future developments of Musketeer Chess, is for sure to widen the choice of the reserve pieces, adding "new Titans" that are colour bound like the Bishop, but also allow the choice of the same piece by White and Black army. We can then have games with 4 Bishops for each army, 4 knights or 2 Hawks or 2 Unicorns etc for each army, leveling the number of pure Leapers (pieces that jump) with the Riders (Bishop, Rook).

I'm currently Play testing Musketeer Titans, with 2 additional Bishops. The possibility of having 3 Bishops controlling the same square colour can be a huge advantage or also a substantial handicap depending on the positions and strategies. Endgames with opposite coloured Bishops are much more frequent. Usually the positions are unbalanced and the opposite coloured Bishops offer some interesting tactics and attacking manoeuvres. But a draw is never too far and precise technique is needed.
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