Modernize the way to play Chess


Nowadays, Chess is suffering from alot of sins: Luck of charismatic players, no great rivalries, the highest rated players games are most of the time boring (long theoretical lines, manouevring all the time, computer homework etc.) and to finish, the computers are by far the strongest.
Professional Chess is less attractive, the game doesn’t attract media (almost no spectacular games, unless playing rapid or blitz, lack of charisma of the top rated players etc.).

Many trials to make the game of chess more attractive are known. They are usually called Chess Variants. Some ancient famous players predicted in part the current status of the chess world (decades or centuries before) and tried to add new elements to the game: The most renowned are ex world chess champion J R Capablanca (Capablanca Chess) and the mighty Bobby Fischer (Fischer Random Chess or Chess960).

This website is introducing some Chess Variants, for fun. Musketeer Chess, is a Chess Variant very close to Chess, respecting all the known principles and regulations of Chess. Despite the similarities, Musketeer Chess is a true innovation to Chess. The game becomes more tactical, brings new strategies and new challenges.
The first version of Musketeer Chess saw light in 2011. It was inspired by Seirawan Chess and by the work of Mr Frank A Camaratta who helped designing the pieces. The current version became a reality in 2014. Musketeer Chess pieces where first sold as part of the Musketeer Chess Project in late 2014. First online in late 2015. And thanks to your support, our website is growing and our games are gaining more and more funs.

Let’s introduce Musketeer Chess properly:

We uses the 8×8 Board and the Classic set of pieces.
What changes is the addition of 2 new pieces with unique design and unique rules. This garantees the tactical shots lacking to chess, opens whole new paths and unknown areas to be discovered for new strategies. No more opening learning. Your knowledge of classic chess brings inspiration, but your creativity on the Board is the most important factor.
Musketeer Chess games are usually shorter, more agressive (sacrifices combinations etc.) bringing thrills, attractive to the audience even for newbies that doesn’t understand the game of chess, but that can feel the tension on the board.
Just imagine what would become elite tournaments ending with less than 20% draws. It’s the renaissance period ! A great period for Chess !

The 2 pieces added to the game of Musketeer Chess are chosen among a basket of 10 newly designed pieces:

Some of the pieces can be customized (-To handle with care- for example Dragon Fortress and Spider tops are pegged. You can try to interchange them removing them carefully.
For example: You can play play with White Spider with mixed colours as the top can be Black and vice versa.
A Fortress with a Black Basis and a Dragon Head etc.)
The Spider basis can be a piece for itself. It’s bigger than the Knight and Bishop. It looks like a Rook. This piece explains more easily to childrens that the Rook is worth more than Bishop or Knight (naturally depending on the position). My kids barely understand why a more valuable piece looks smaller than the Bishop or the Knight (which is the case in the majority of the modern chess sets). The Cannon can be customised adding the Spider top.

Here is a picture from the online playing program. It’s available for you for free, and will help you test strategies, and try our game.


Other Chess Variants:

In the near future, you will have the chance to play with the NextGen Pawns. They are trials to evolve the Pawns. They are also unique new designs for the Pawns that can replace the old Pawn design.

You can already try our games online: Lutetia Chess featuring the Musketeer or General, Moscovia Chess featuring the Lieutenant or Guardian etc.
There are 7 different NextGen Pawns: General or Musketeer, Raven or Colonel, etc.

You can try the new rules for each NextGen Pawn on our Online Gaming Zone.

As Philidor said, Pawns are the “soul of chess”. It’s a difficult task not to alter the beauty of the game of chess when messing with the pawns.
I think that some of the trials we made are pretty interesting. Please share your thoughts on our forum.

We will also release Musketeer Chess Series 2 and 3, featuring many new unique figural pieces (Mammoth, Griffin, Wolf, Lion, Rhinoceros, Bear etc.)

In the next chapter we will detail the Rules of Musketeer Chess.